Individual management advice


Individual management advice targets the unique individual/leader in his or her professional role.  The purpose is to build a fruitful leadership by investigating the particular leader´s mission and  the individual’s own motivation and incentives. 

Individual management advice includes the following steps: 

  • Personal in-depth interview and measurements using the dX9 method
  • Analysis of the results
  • Charting and feedback
  • Individual plan
  • Strategic advice

Each interview and measurement is analysed and fed back exclusively to the individual. The analysis is carried out for the purpose of meeting each individual’s inner motivation. This leads to an increased knowledge and understanding between leaders within the organisation, as well as between managers and co-workers.

Specific goals for the leader are established in an individual plan. For a set period of time the individual gets continuous support in the professional role or on specific issues. These can be for example strategic and/or tactical choices, negotiations, liquidation, development of the business or its human resources and implementation of plans or support in the development of business/operational plans. The character of the work changes depending on the complexity, size and type of organisation as well as external factors.