The Stakeholder Dialogue


In the Stakeholder Dialogue, individuals with specials skills and abilities are brought together to discuss and solve prioritized issues and goals. Stakeholders are selected from various fields of society, such as politics, research, business, civil society, culture and environment. Cross-cultural competence is then tied to the client’s top management, to guarantee long-term positive results. The Stakeholder Dialogue amounts to a higher degree of knowledge, and stronger networks both generally and on a specialist level.

The open source format of the Stakeholder Dialogue leads to a high and efficient development rate in the most complex of issues.  By using the Stakeholder Dialogue clients can achieve astonishing results, at a fraction of the cost and in significantly shorter time than normally is required.

The Stakeholder Dialogue includes everything from 30 to 100 individuals, from completely different backgrounds and areas of interest. The participants of the Stakeholder Dialogue remain as a group until the goal is achieved. All participants are entitled to further develop their newfound knowledge.

The knowledge is utilised and translated into predetermined formats, which can be directly integrated into an existing business- or operational plan.