48 hours Business Plan


Business and operational plans in 48 hours

The 48 hours business plan is a process which is developed in close liaison with the top management and key individuals from the client´s organisation. The process starts with an insights stage, where by interviewing the management and key staff, important insight is gained about initial values. These can be for example general moral values, core values for the business, attributes, KPIs etc. 48 hours of effective work finally results in an operational/business plan with related strategies, activities, distributed responsibilities, time span and goals.

The 48 hours business plan process:

1. Concretise – goals and KPIs

2. Define – and formulate strategies.

3. Determine – vision and values.

4. Create – relevant activities.

5. Calibrate – goals, strategies, activities and KPIs.

6. Package – the process and business plan into a preset format.